Public Private Partnerships

National and local governments are increasingly conducting business with the urgency for results necessary to move millions of people out of poverty in line with key national blue prints, for example Kenya Vision 2030, Rwanda Vision 2020 and Uganda Vision 2040. Overall, each blue print aims at improving the prosperity of citizens through, among other strategies, transforming national economies from their current focus of primary agriculture product exports to value addition, including through agro-processing.

As citizens make legitimate demands for infrastructure and services that can improve their standards of living, there’s increasing urgency to accelerate delivery of projects through structured public private partnerships (PPPs).

In order to catalyze and fast track these partnerships, and attract private investment, Onward Resources works with local, national and regional governments and relevant private sector entities to carry out feasibility studies and due diligence on potential investment opportunities. We make introductions to vetted, foreign and local investors, manage engagement, facilitate dialogue, and structure commercial involvement of local communities, including youth and women into proposed investments.