Private Sector Development

Growing a vibrant and catalytic private sector is fundamental to reducing poverty in developing countries. Our work in private sector development is anchored by our belief that only the private enterprise can be the real engine of economic growth, and holds the key to breaking the poverty cycle by way of inclusive and sustainable business models. However, in order to achieve these outcomes businesses must develop innovation capabilities and partner strategically with governments, the financial services sector, development agencies, and local communities.

Our team brings expertise in designing and implementing best practice approaches in private sector development programming, by making available our full understanding of the motivations and incentives of private sector in achieving broader development goals. We provide support in the establishment of competitive industries and businesses that create jobs and provide sustainable product and service markets for developing communities.

We are passionate about defining and leading the application of private sector solutions to problems of poverty, exclusion and under-development, through creating opportunities for people to realize their full potential.